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This game is in Spanish. It's about a person who wakes up in the middle of the night, trapped inside the duality between being awake and dreaming. They are visited by two entities that are willing to help them get out, one way or another.

How to play:

Left click hold - Interaction wheel.

Right click - Inventory

Made for the Global Game Jam 2022.


Jeremias Cerrone - Game Design

Florencia Del Pino - Narrative Design

Lucien Dupont Trape - Enviroment Art 



Ezequiel Godoy - Assets and Character Art


Manuel Marchesotti - Programming

Franco Malaspina - Music and SFX

Perpetua Franck - Project Management


Sopor Eterno 1.8 (1).rar 12 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip into a folder and execute Onirico2.exe


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Beautiful game and an awesome concept (from someone who knows sleep paralysis, lol) ♥♥♥